Unit 4
Section 4A

1. give the money to charity将钱捐献给慈善机构
2. put the money in the bank存钱
3. medical research 医学研究
4.wear a shirt and tie 穿西装打领带
5.What if …… 如果…怎么样?
6.get nervous 紧张
7.get pimples长痘痘
8.take a walk散步
9.take a big exam 参加大考
10.too…to… 太…….而不能
11. be a lot of trouble很麻烦


Section 4B

1.in public 在公共场合
2.hardly ever 几乎不
3. give a speech 演讲
4. the whole school 全校
5. without permission 未经许可
6. be in a movie 演电影
7. be(make) friends with 与…交朋友
8. introduce myself自我介绍
9. introduce…to… 把…介绍给…
10. invite…to do… 邀请…干…
11. social situations 社会环境
12. in the slightest 一点也,根本
not… in the slightest 根本不,一点也不
Do you mind my opening the window? Not in the slightest . Please do it.
13. plenty of 很多的,足够的
14.get along with 与 … 相处;
get along with someone very well 与某人友好相处
15. say something bad about somebody说某人坏话
16. right away 立刻,马上
17. think about考虑
18. all day teacheray.com全天
19. be friendly to 对…友好
20. at lunch time 在午饭时间
21. a bit shy 有点害羞
22. English speech contest 英语演讲比赛
23. represent the class代表班级
24. come top in… 在 … 中取得第一
25. let…down让某人失望
26. come up with提出,想出(解决方法)
27. the rest of the students 其余的学生



1.have a lot of experience (in) doing sth 在做某事方面有经验
2.deal with 对付,处理
3.come out 出版
4.give advice on… 在…方面提出意见、建议
5.by accident 偶然地,无意之中
6.hurry to do sth 匆匆忙忙干…
7.an internet friend 网友

Unit 5
Section 5A

1. belong to…属于…的;是…的一员
The book belongs to him.
I belong to the tennis club.
What party do you belong to?
2. 情态动词表示可能性相关要点:
表示否定推测:can’t 不可能
The French book must be Li Ying’s , she is the only one who’s studying French.
The homework can’t be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today.
The ticket might be my aunt’s or my uncle’s. They are both going to the concert.
3.toy car teacheray.com玩具汽车
4.favorite author 最喜欢的作家
5.at the picnic 在野餐中
6.listen to classical music听古典音乐
7.a hair band 一个发带
8.at school上学、求学、在学校
9.they both 他们两个
10.go to the concert去听音乐会
11.have any/some idea知道
have no idea不知道
12.during the concert 在音乐会中
13.in the symphony hall 在交响乐大厅
14.try to do sth. 设法做某事
15.a math test on algebra 数学的代数考试
16.count 30% to… 百分之三十计入……
17.the final exam 期末考试
18. because of sth./doing sth. 因为……
辨析:because; because of:
because of +代词/名词 是“因为”的意思,而because后加从句
She didn’t know yesterday’s homework, because she didn’t come yesterday.
She is worried because of her test.
19.a present for… 给某人的礼物


Section 5B

1. chase追赶=run after;赶走,追捕
The Johnsons’ cat likes to chase the mice as if it were playing with them.
2.run for exercise跑步锻炼
He could be running for exercise.
3. in the sky 在天空中
4. a strange creature 一个奇怪的生物
5. a woman with a camera 带着照相机的妇女
6. wear a suit 穿西服
7. catch a bus 赶公共汽车
8.used to … 过去常常……
9.these days 近来
10.in our neighborhood 在我们社区
11.the local school/newspaper/zoo 地方的学校/报社/动物园
12strange noises 奇怪的声音
13.outside our window 在窗户外
14.have fun 娱乐
15.next door neighbor 隔壁邻居
16.at first 开始
17.be worried 焦虑的
18.his or her own idea她(他)自己的看法
19.there must be 一定有
20.late night深夜
21.in the hallway 在走廊
22.get in the window 进入窗户
23.in front of 在……的前面
24.escape from 从……逃出
25.in an ocean 在海洋里
an ocean of许许多多、无穷无尽的
an ocean of paper题海
I was swimming in an ocean of paper last night.
26.too much 太多
27.be care of=look out当心、小心
28.be afraid of doing sth. 害怕做……
29.get on the plane 上飞机
30.be worried about…担心……
31.a strange smell 一种奇怪的味道
32.句型: It is + 形容词/名词 + to do sth
It is the best time to swim.
It is my greatest happiness to help others.
33.pretend to do sth假装做某事
He pretended to be reading.
34.use up用光,用完,耗尽
Yesterday I used up all my money.






初中英语必备短语 1. get on/off(the bus) 上/下车 get up 起床 get ready for 为…作准备 get oneself dressed 自己穿衣服 get in 进入,收集 get on...


初中英语必备句型 1.there be 结构 a.这是英语中常见的一种结构,表示“某地有某物”其含义为“存在有”。 如:There are twenty girls in our class. 我们班上...


学霸是如何炼成的:如何成为一名“学霸” 前不久,看过一篇文章写道脸谱网CEO扎克伯格如何教育女儿的文章,女儿还没满月,奶爸小扎就投入到了“赢在起跑线”的早...